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KB Social Media

My name is Kerrie D. Barker and I am the owner of KB Social Media!   KB Social Media started as a fun project while I was marketing my beauty business, Gorgeous-Glamour. In addition to practicing the art of makeup, I am

KB Social Media’s mission:

 KB Social Media’s focus: Your brands success depends on leveraging your relationships- KB Social Media I have been in this Social Media Game for several years now. I have learned, and become an expert at something I am naturally good

Social Media Coaching

 Social Media have you confused? Trust me, it can be confusing for all of us. By the time you figure out Facebook or Instagram’s Algorithm, it all changes. And, (I hear this often) what in the world do I Tweet

Engagement guide

Facebook is well, let’s say interesting 🙂 and I cannot add the link on there so had to bring you to my website. Pease look around while you are here. Click the link and enjoy!  Engagement guide

What our clients say…

“KBSocialMedia is so helpful to me and my daughter. She is like the FBI of the internet. Scouting, searching, weeding out followers for my daughter’s Social media pages (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) that she manages so well. I couldn’t do

Kerrie D. Rettig-Barker