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 KB Social Media’s focus:

Your brands success depends on leveraging your relationships- KB Social Media

I have been in this Social Media Game for several years now. I have learned, and become an expert at something I am naturally good at. Meeting and connecting people. It’s in my blood to connect with new people, to never know a stranger and to welcome anyone with open arms. My grandmother, (I called her Mammal, spelled wrong forever because she thought it was cute when I did as a kid!!) she was like this and watching the world around me fall in love with her, gave me the desire to be like this as well. Maybe everyone doesn’t love me as much as they loved her but hey, if you had met her, you would have seen just how awesome she was. In any case, this trait I have has helped me in Social Media. You see, the key to off the charts amazing Social Media is not the products you sell, it is not the service you offer. It is YOU. It is the relationships you build by showing you actually care for your potential clients/customers and not just about the bottom line. Strong relationships are essential for sales, for referrals and to build a business that people want to work with. Imagine this: Your walking into a retail store and the worker bombards you with the sale of the day, or reminds you to not forget the clearance rack before you leave, as soon as your walking in the door. Does that make you want to stay and do business or trigger thoughts of  “Of crap, here they come. Why did I come in here?”.  But imagine you walk in and are greeted with a nice smile and a genuine “Let me know if you need anything. Good to see you.”  See the magic in a genuine attitude and thankfulness you came in. Now, If I am walking into a cupcake store and you want to bring me a sample of one as soon as I walk in- Bombard away!!!

How I coach my client through this:

I always teach my clients to set themselves apart from everyone else, get themselves noticed. Whatever product you sell of service you have to offer can typically be found in a million other places. What is it that is going to set you apart, make you stand out from the crowd and ultimately lead me to buy into what you are offering.  Get the theme here? You will make the difference and rather I am representing you online as your Social Media Manager or I am coaching you on how to- it really is the key to it all. What will make you stand our from the crowd are the relationships that are built on social media The connections you make in life and bring them into your social media world and truly engage with them. A big focus of mine is Real Estate Agents and I can tell you, they are everywhere. What makes me want to use or refer you? It’s not always about the number of years of experience. It is about your connections, how you relate to me, and how you respond to the things I need of you. This is the same with any business. If I come into your restaurant and your waiters are not making good connections with me and those I am with, why should I come back? Show me you care, show me you truly want the best for me and I will be back. Think of a business this is not true? Can’t think of one? Probably not.


How I can represent you online and leverage relationships to grow your business online:

I said the difference between you and the rest of the business owners is YOU. I still stand by that. But, sometimes people don’t know the best practices of Social Media or simply do not have the time. That is where KB Social Media comes in to play. I will get to know your business as well as I can and learn some of your traits, interests, etc to represent you as I post and engage with your potential clients/customers. Think of it as someone you hire to answer your phones or work at the front counter. You want them to represent your brand, to welcome people in and give them a reason to come back. That is what I am focused on, and that is what I excel at. My ultimate goal as I speak for you is to build those connections that lead to growing your business and repeat business. I answer the comments on your social media pages (or teach you how!) I engage with the audience and remind them in their notifications (I have a special strategy just for this!) of just who you are and why they should use your product or services. Pushy sales are OUT and quality relationships are IN. I am a expert at this in life and online. When you hire KB Social Media to manage your Social Media, you get the best representation of you and your brand mixed with Social Media strategy and know-how!