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Need a Social Media Expert at your fingertips?

KB Social Media offers a Facebook group to give you just that. The group is a place for you to ask questions and get input from myself and the others members of the group. This is also a place for you to practice your live videos without any fear of judgement but instead support and suggestions.

The reason I started this group was to encourage a sense of community and support. Everyone in the group has their own business and either runs their own Social Media or just wants to learn more about it. As you probably know live video is key and FB often pushes them to the top of your followers newsfeeds. However you need a good mix of all the different types of posts to appeal to all your followers. Facebook prefers live because it brings out your personality and adds a element of connectivity that differs from a regular posts. They can get about 6% more engagement than regular posts. Remember, your followers want to get to know you, they want to hear your voice and see your face. Any insecurities you have will most likely not even be noticed by the people viewing your videos and if they are, maybe a quality that connect with in you anyway. Make sure you are sharing your videos off of your business page onto your personal page as well. Facebook is strongly encouraging the use of personal Facebook now a days. You will learn more about why in the group. Come join us. It’s a FREE group!

KB Social media

We also are growing at my networking group where you can share your business anytime. Fort Worth and Surrounding areas business network.