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The first step is a consultation (in person or over the phone) so that I can get to know more about your business. During this time you will learn how important social media is and how it can help keep connected to current and potential customers. I will talk about the different packages that I offer and what will best suit your needs. We will talk a bit about the different platforms and which ones would work best for you. My fee for this is $25 an hour to be paid during the consultation via pay-pal, cash or check.

During the consultation, I am more than happy to answer a few simple social media questions you may have. Occasionally, I find someone who just needs some help with questions and learning how to run their own social media. I do offer lessons for an hourly charge. I think this is a good option for some, but truthfully it is so hard to keep up with the ever-changing rules/changes that these platforms create- unless you are going to invest the time to keep up with all of these changes, it is better left to a professional. We can discuss this during the consultation.


 Starting with KB Social Media-

When you decide to start with KB Social Media, my first step will be to develop a strategy to create and/or maintain your online presence in the most effective manner possible.  There are only so many hours in a day and it is hard to focus on your business and the social aspect. This is where KB Social Media comes in and you can rest as ease knowing your online presence is being established and ran in a manner that is consistent with your brand and builds trust between customers and potential customers.

You will also be given a copy of the contract (or sent to email) and it will need to be signed and returned before any work can begin.  I will need a C. C. number so that I can take payment on the specified date without having to contact you. If there are any problems, please contact me before the date your payment is due.

In your contract you will read that any form of communication- text, messenger, calls, etc are acceptable. However, any information or photos you send are not guaranteed to be posted unless you email them to It’s unlikely I would miss a text etc but sending through email is a way to be sure everything reaches me. Providing technology is on our side! I will respond if you send something to me to post so if you don’t hear from me, you may want to follow up.

I will always be around to help you and provide you with the personal touch that KB Social Media has built a reputation for. If for someone reason I do not respond to your contact right away, know I will respond shortly. If you succeed than I succeed and that makes for a great partnership. I strongly believe that business do business with people they trust and will work on building that that trust on your behalf.


Getting Starting with KB Social Media

Once you decide to start with KB Social Media, I will develop a comprehensive plan outlining a strategy to create and maintain your online presence in the most effective manner possible. You will be able to rest easy knowing your online presence is consistent with your brand allowing you to build trust with customers and potential customers.KB Social Media strives for a 24 hour turn around on all responses to updates, questions, or comments regarding your contract. 

Please direct all updates to

All questions, concerns, or comments can be submitted through email, phone, or text.

This is an exciting time and I look forward to doing business with you!